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Da Vinci’s flying machine

For my very first workshop at Mery Lab I worked with kids – age 6 to 9 – from the leisure center. Their week’s theme was Da Vinci so I started looking for models of one of his famous flying machine.

Fortunately I quickly came accross a blog post from Full Spectrum Laser where they published the plans for a beautiful model. The plans work great with 3mm plywood, I only had to make little adjustments to some holes on a couple of parts that came out wrong. You can download the updated files at the end of this article.

Since I only had an hour with each group of 6 kids I decided to laser cut the parts in advance. Then during the workshop, one group would assemble and glue the body of the model and the other would do the wings for example.

At the end of the workshop I made a demonstration of the laser cutter, to show them how it was done. Kids loved it: “it’s like an episode of Star Wars and it smells like barbecue!”.

  • Prep time: 20 minutes to cut one model
  • Workshop lentgh: 60 minutes
  • Participants: 6 kids (age 6 to 9)

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